It’s All About Me

As this title would suggest, this page, in particular, is all about me and this blog is all about my life. I am a London-born Kenyan brought up 27-year-old female. I go by many names, some only too rude to list on here but to those who know me or indeed know me well I go by Ollie, and no it is not short for Oliver. That’s a boy’s name.

Back in 2013, I left working in Rumbek, South Sudan which was an adventure in itself, to say the least, but my time there came to a dramatic end. It was after this that I vowed to myself that I was going to fill the following years with adventures and excitement, simply because going back to a ‘normal’ life and a possible office job was not an option for me.

I’d had a taste of the ‘dangerous’ life and had lived through the ‘risks,’ I needed more, and still do. Amongst my many friends that I met there, I met some like-minded nomads, and after many conversations with them I could not help but feel a little of what I like to call life envy. So you could say I was inspired by their stories and endless slide shows of photographs and it’s thanks to them, that I have decided to dedicate the next few years of my life (the ones that I have no plans for) to endless amounts of travel, some writing and just a little touch of study.

I should have done this as soon as I left South Sudan because with an enormous amount of savings (yes it pays to work in dangerous, high-risk zones) I could afford to live out of a suitcase and collect passport stamps for a few months possibly even a year or two. But being somewhat of a tight arse when it comes to spending I chose not to. Well, kind of. I decided that I didn’t want just to travel, I wanted to work and travel at the same time. A sort of getting paid to travel if you like. So I went on a little job hunt and found myself the ideal ‘get paid to travel opportunity’. I was offered a position on an overland truck as a tour leader exploring Eastern and Southern Africa. Jackpot! This new job actually inspired this blog originally but since then I have found my inspiration from many other sources; other travel blogs, books, and the Pinterest travel page. Don’t judge until you have been on there. It’s the modern-day encyclopedia for all things travel and adventure, and I love it.

I never really thought I could be a writer, and although I seem to be doing quite well at it, I am still learning the ropes and figuring out what people find entertaining. Thanks, again, to the few that read my stories I am now embarking on a much bigger adventure which will hopefully lead to a lot more travel and indeed more writing too. After much deliberation and a few shortcomings, I applied to University to study Creative and Professional writing and (thankfully) I am nearly done with 6 more months to go. Eeks.

How I got here is a bit of a long story, so I’ll give you a brief summary (the rest you can read in the various posts on this blog):

Once I had traveled around Africa on the overland truck, I found myself in a predicament. Thanks to a little of the good life being on the road were costing me more than I could afford and having not been paid for 6 months the bank balance was rapidly dwindling. Like most things in life, it always works out in the end. I was offered a job back in Kenya, and as you can imagine, I took it with little hesitation. A chance to live and work at home in a great job with a lot of opportunities and growing space, no one could pass it up not even me. Sadly, though, this came to a quick end due to some work permit issue out of my control. So with even less money than before and not many options, I jumped on a plane and headed to Australia. I know I know. It’s far and expensive, but I luckily had a job I could walk into, somewhere to live and a family member for the all important backup. I ended up in the arse end of nowhere in a place called Middlemount where I had to figure life out and fast. The deliberation thing happened until finally after some last-minute changes I made a plan. I decided to go back to plan A; back to the adventures and travel, even if it meant I had to work an office job for a few months just to afford a couple of weeks roaming the streets of Rome or sleeping under the stars in Iceland.

Currently, I may not be in a position where someone will pay me to travel, but I won’t let this stop me. I still need to get to 30 countries by the time I am 30 if I want to achieve my ultimate goal and I am certainly not getting any younger. Now it probably the best time to mention that the whole point of this blog malarky is to document my 30/30 vision mission as I like to call it. It’s an attempt to visit 30 countries before I turn 30. It started off as 50 before 30, but when my birthday’s approached faster and more furious, drastic measures had to be taken.

I am now 18 countries down with 3 years to go. The odds are against me but with university nearly done, I should be able to knock a few out in the coming few months. For those of you who also suffer from life envy, I promise to make this as painless as possible. I know how it feels.

My aim is not to make you jealous but to inspire you. If I can afford to travel while working or work to travel then anyone can do it. Some will do it better than others as many before me have. I am not trying to be the next best adventure enthusiast or to be the start of a new travel trend. I want to live a little and see a lot while I still can. So if this inspires you, then I have done my job, and if this doesn’t impress you then for that, I am sorry. Keep in mind, that this is meant to be all about me, if you find that selfish then don’t stick around. I’m living my life as I intend to and for as long as I keep myself inspired, I’ll be posting about it on here!

Well, that’s me, and about it. As a postscript (and perhaps and afterthought), I will say this:

It’s not my intention to offend anyone or upset anyone either for that matter. What I write here is simply my opinion and how I see things. We don’t and won’t always share the same outlook, and I am sure that as you continue to read my blog that you will be forming opinions of your own. What I want to say is, if my writing amuses you then you are welcome, keep reading and thank you for following. If you find what I am writing highly offensive or incorrect I ask you to do yourself a favour and stop right here, don’t read on, you’ll be wasting your time.

You can try to change my opinion, but I am incredibly stubborn. Save yourself from anger and frustration and find something more suited for you to read. You will be doing yourself a favour. If any of this information is incorrect or if my spelling and grammar is appalling I apologise for this too. I will do my best to keep typing errors to a minimum and to check all facts before posting. I do hope that you all enjoy reading this, and have a good laugh at the highs and lows of my nomadic life. Please don’t be worried about passing this along, sharing is caring so if you think my ramblings will brighten someone’s day then feel free to spread the word. Right, that is really it now, I am off to get lost in my very own crazy adventure. Enjoy.

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