Hanging Around

I love Nairobi. For a couple of days, it’s a wonderful place to be, but for five days it’s a little too much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved my time here as I’ve and caught up with old friends and met new ones along the way too but I am done. I long for the bush and the simple, quiet life where the dramas of the city are out of sight and out of mind.

I was supposed to be enjoying the mud and rainy days in the Mara but plans changed, it turned out that as they couldn’t send me, I found myself in Nairobi for longer than expected. Aside from it being one too many days, it has been great. I met the driver and the other tour leader and spent a couple of days in and out of the Nairobi base with them. For people who have been doing this for a long time, they seem like great people to be starting this adventure with.

The first day was spent cleaning and organising the truck. Not very exciting but it was great to have everything arranged in my new mobile home finally. I was worried that if I were asked where the butter would be, I wouldn’t know where to look for it. After a few hours, I found out where the butter was as well as a sneaky peak inside one of the lockers to establish if my mountain of belongings would fit in it. Turns out that it wouldn’t, so a re-think on the packing front was a must. After everything was organised and sorted I headed home, thankfully home is across the road making my life easy. And when I say home I mean my sister in laws house. Thanks Lou for letting me stay, without your Nairobi home my life would be a lot harder. I appreciate it so much.

I had a quick bite to eat and headed out to the centre of town to meet my fellow nomads. Being Nairobi, the traffic is of course horrendous. Out in the bush, the only traffic is wildlife crossing the roads. I guess that’s why I love it so much. Trying to prove myself and by engaging my initiative, I decided to leave two hours before I had to be there just in case. Luckily, I did. I got there with hardly any time to spare. Armed with my fountains of knowledge about Africa and overlanding I headed to the pre-departure meeting.

The other members of the group seemed lovely and excited which got me even more excited too. Hopefully, we can have some fun on our way to Namibia! As well as showing I can be on time and exceptionally organised, I proved to be quite useful answering many questions about dollars and diseases. I impressed myself, but more importantly, I impressed Pete, the tour leader which, to me, is a good start. Fake it till you make it right??

After that was all done, I had a chance to sit down with Pete and discuss working for Acacia Adventure Tours a little bit more. I think we will be a good fit, it seems like things will go well but it is early days yet, and I am still to pass my training. Anyway, after the business side of things was all done, I was home to bed. It’s a bit pathetic but after being in holiday mode for so long going back to work is exhausting! I also don’t think my late night on Friday helped either.

Sunday morning after the group left for the Mara I had some paperwork to take care of and then I was off for the rest of the day. Finally, a chance to catch up with people, and that I did. Thanks to all who were there at Sunday lunch. It was so nice seeing you all, and we must catch up again when I get back! As for Monday, I spent the morning re-packing. Turns out I don’t need all that stuff, and my bag is a hell of a lot lighter with more space for goodies along the way. My new mantra is “if I don’t have it, I will just have to live without it.”

After all that rejigging, it was a civilised lunch all by my lonesome and then a not so civilised dinner with my crazy aunt and cousins. A final catch-up with the rest of the family and some more friends before work started on Tuesday.

Tuesday was quiet, well the morning was anyway. The afternoon I spent most if it is trying to pack my locker. Thankfully I left a lot of stuff behind, but it is still a tight squeeze! I then set up the breakfast table and cooker for Wednesday morning as we planned for an early departure. After we put the tents up and the group re-packed their stuff Pete, and I headed out for some shopping. Just a few things for the start of our journey and to keep us fed for the next few days. The shopping was then packed into the truck, and we settled down to a delicious meal cooked for us by the team at Indaba camp in Karen.

After all was organised and sorted for the last time before our departure the group, and I sat down at The Rubber Arm and got stuck into a few bevvies to catch up on all the drama and excitement from the Mara. It was so refreshing to see that they were all still so excited! This was a good start to what is going to be a long journey down Africa. Full to the brim on food it was early to bed, ready for a long day of driving to Tanzania the next day.

It is now Wednesday morning, and I find myself sitting in the truck listening to all the exciting stories from the others in between being bombarded with yet more questions about Africa. It is any wonder I have found the time to update you all. Things are going great so far, and I am glad to be finally out of Nairobi and to be at the beginning of interesting times ahead. Hopefully, today’s driving is met with few problems, and we arrive safe and sound in Arusha. I will, of course, update you again while I am there. Until then, thanks for reading and please keep following.

Next Stop: Tanzania!! Jealous much?



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