30/30 Vision

You may not have noticed but something quite drastic has changed around here. For those of you that have been paying attention well done, WordPress medal in the post for you. For those of you whom have less observational skills than average I have decided to change my 50 before 30 mission.
Two main reasons why:
I am turning 25 in a matter of days and
I am about to become an extremely hard-working and therefore somewhat poor undergraduate student

Ok so the first reason isn’t really a reason, basic maths tells me that I still have 5 more years to go before my big 30 which is quite a lot in terms of time. However to fit 37 countries in to these 5 years seems a little daunting for myself and my bank balance. Most people would probably say that this is just a feeble excuse and I am actually just chickening out. I am not denying that this is entirely impossible. I know a lot of people who have been to so many countries in a short space of time and also without the aid of a bucket load of cash but to then squeeze in 37 countries and an undergraduate degree just seems to me like I am setting myself up for mission failure.

Trust me on this, I have been sleeping on it for approximately 43 days give or take a couple. All those days ago when I was stuck in motel jail in Bairnsdale I actually ended up chatting to a couple of quite inebriated gentlemen until the early hours of the morning. One topic led to another until we finally came to my 50/30 mission. Without explaining much or even telling them how many countries I had actually been too they both laughed at me and told me that I was destined to fail. Granted they thought that I was a lot older than I actually was and they didn’t think that I had indeed been to 13 countries either, but then we got talking some more. After much explanation and a little calculation we all decided that it was near impossible but also quite achievable. Which obviously then confused me even more. At this point the whiskey had been flowing and the music was cranked up to a volume that was sure to get me fired but in-between songs one of the gentlemen who shall remain nameless (simply because I literally haven’t got the faintest idea of what his name is), pipped up and said and I quote “To avoid setting yourself up for failure and the next few years of mad dash travelling, why don’t you change it from 50 to 30 and call it 30/30 vision”. He had a point, and now thanks to him I also have a new mission name.

I promised to sleep on it and let him know my final decision at breakfast; He didn’t turn up for breakfast. I am assuming that his hangover was killer and that he would rather just skulk off to his big presentation that he was supposed to do without having to walk through the reception and face The Fear. Fair enough I thought, besides this allowed me to think about it some more with a clear head and without the help of Jack Daniels and his Captain friend. So 43 or so days later I have made my decision. Drunken man in the bar if you are reading this then you were right. I am not skimping out on my original idea I am just making the idea more achievable. 30 countries isn’t impossible and with my 30th fast approaching (well it seems that way anyway) this seems like the logical decision. So its done and I am now have only 17 more countries to go as opposed to 37.

So what does this mean? Well nothing. Life continues on as normal. Only now I am based in Wales instead of Kenya and I also have to go to lectures and finish assignments as well as graduate all in the next three years. Plus being in Wales means Ireland is only a hop skip and a jump (quite literally) across the water and Scotland is even closer than that. Two more countries down and then I will be half way. The other 15 will come from Europe. I could almost do 15 in a weekend but seeing as I established rules way back at the beginning when this whole thing started I at least have to spend a decent amount of time in each place. All I have to do now is save up some money, which is easier said that done now that I have student loans and rent to worry about but if other students can travel there is absolutely no reason why I can’t.

No plans have been made as of yet but when September hits and school starts I will absolutely get back to the drawing board and world map and get booking. I just need to figure out my schedule first and work the travelling around my career, although seeing as I am now hopefully going to be a travel writer eventually, I have no doubt that 30/30 vision is completely attainable. So until then, I will do doubt be exploring more of Wales and indeed England so please do keep following and sharing simply because more adventures are just around the corner for all of us, even if it means having to live off cold baked beans and stale bread for the foreseeable future. It’s not going to be easy but it sure is going to be worth it.

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