Feeling Adventurous? How About A Trip To Kenya…


A very good friend of mine took a little inspiration from my own adventures and has decided that she too needs to explore her own backyard. With Kenya featuring a lot in the press these days, with both good and bad news stories, Wanjiru has gone on a mission to show you the beauty of a place we both call home. From her own home county to the far reaches of Northern Kenya she is on a mission to visit all 47 counties without leaving a stone unturned.

Take a look at her page and follow her on all social media to keep up to date. I for one look forward to her updates all the time, even though I have been to most of these places before there is nothing more special than reading about why Kenya is a place that everyone should love. Don’t be put off by the bad press or the horrific stories that you hear, like every country Kenya has it’s bad moments. After all you don’t need to be in a third world country to face the fears of our every day lives. Look at Paris and Sydney to name only two examples. There is definitely no better time than the present to pack those bags and sun cream and book some flights.

Kenya is still a magical place and I will always call it home. Check it out for yourself, and if you are still worried, you can always ask the locals where the good places are. Generally they will point you in the direction of the most secluded and magnificent places Kenya has to offer. Get out of Nairobi and breath in the African air, feel the rhythm of her music and submerge yourself in the beauty of my home. You will not be disappointed.

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