Africa’s Wildlife

A taste of what you can find in Nakuru National Park (Kenya), The Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania), Serengetti National Park (Tanzania), Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda) and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Uganda).

Africa is famous for its wildlife and it’s easy to see why. Unfortunatelty, much of this wildlife is the target of illegal poaching and some species; Elephants, Rhinos and Lions in particular, are facing extintion if drastic measure aren’t taken. If you find yourself in Africa, in any of these national parks, please ensure that you take Geotagging off your images so that these animals aren’t easily spotted by those carrying guns. Respect the park rules and make sure your guides give the animals their space too.

The little things you can do to protect Animal’s wildlife will go a long way to ensuring that our future generations will be able to see these creatures roaming the plains of Africa and not just as pictures on the pages of story books.

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