Feeling Adventurous? How About A Trip To Kenya…

https://baringotowestpokot.wordpress.com A very good friend of mine took a little inspiration from my own adventures and has decided that she too needs to explore her own backyard. With Kenya featuring a lot in the press these days, with both good and bad news stories, Wanjiru has gone on a mission to show you the beauty … Continue reading Feeling Adventurous? How About A Trip To Kenya…


Penetrating The Impenetrable Forest

I am going to really struggle with writing this blog post simply because the experience was indescribable. I don’t think my writing will do it justice but with the help of some really good describing words hopefully I will paint the picture for you. I have heard from so many people that this is a … Continue reading Penetrating The Impenetrable Forest

Not Born A Trekker!

Uganda, Chimpanzee Trek As this title would suggest, I was definitely not born to be someone to scale the tallest mountains or have the ability to endlessly walk for hours or even enjoy a casual stroll through a forest to spot a family of chimps in their natural habitat but trek is exactly what I … Continue reading Not Born A Trekker!

Back In The Homeland

Kenya 🙂 Nothing beats being back in the homeland. Don't get me wrong, my travels have been out of this world amazing and the places I have been to have been breathtaking but to be back on home soil and where everything is so familiar is indescribable. And to add a few hours of family … Continue reading Back In The Homeland

Hipopos In The Geti

Serengeti and Ngorongoro This place really does live up to its name. It is just a vast plain with nothing around but animals. And the crater, it is enormous. I wasn't expecting something quite as extraordinary, in fact I wasn't too sure what I was expecting but it blew me away. The views were amazing … Continue reading Hipopos In The Geti

Sunshine Reggae, Shopping and Sea Sickness In The Sun

Dar, Zanzibar, Back to Dar and Arusha. I still hate Dar. Yep. No amount of time I will ever spend there will make me change my mind. Thankfully the promise of Zanzibar and the Indian Ocean make up for it but I can't say I will ever book my own trip to go there. If … Continue reading Sunshine Reggae, Shopping and Sea Sickness In The Sun

Malawi Moments

Malawi!! Yes, it is still amazing. On the drive up from Zambia to Kande I jumped in to the cab of the truck and spent some time with the tour leader and driver. I always had an idea but after today these two have definitely become very good friends of mine. I shall always look … Continue reading Malawi Moments

Zooming Through Zambia

Zambia. This blog post is going to be short and sweet as nothing really happened through the rest of Zambia. This country is extensive so it is mainly long driving days and lots of time spent on the truck. I spent most of my days reading and getting to know the new people on the … Continue reading Zooming Through Zambia

Killing Time In Kafue

Woo hoo! Something new for my trip up North, we didn't do this part of the journey down South. It's hard to fit it in so we bypass and head straight on. I have to say though that I am glad that on the way up we find the time to stop in. Only because … Continue reading Killing Time In Kafue

Oliving The Dream

Livingstone, Zambia! Sitting on the shores of the Zambezi river with a view to the Smoke That Thunders (Mosi O Tunya) I have to say that Zambia is another highlight. I have spent many more days here than usual and I am ready to get back on the road but every day has been amazing. … Continue reading Oliving The Dream