When in Serbia, Do as The Serbians Do

  Which is what exactly? I have no idea. Alan and I found ourselves heading the long way round to Kenya for the Christmas holidays. As we had travelled a bit, moved in together and started to talk about the future I thought it was high time he met the family. So we requested the … Continue reading When in Serbia, Do as The Serbians Do


Hungary? No, drunk!

I have finally found some time to go through my photos and face one of the biggest first world problems I encounter almost daily: what do I Instagram? In this process of deciding how many pictures I should Instagram and what, I have begun to realise that I spent the majority of my 7 days … Continue reading Hungary? No, drunk!

Love In The Time Of Sheep Racing

Living on Sark comes with its challenges much like living on any island that isn't a booming tourist destination or owned by some millionaire. One of the most challenging aspects of living on an island is by far the company. With little to do and even fewer people to surround yourself with, it's hard to … Continue reading Love In The Time Of Sheep Racing

Sleeping With Strangers In Saint Malo

AirBnB: Got to love it, got to hate it! Recently (or not so recently) I found myself actually in a love hate relationship with this new way of sleeping around the world. When it works, it’s really awesome and it’s such a great way to meet new people… when it doesn’t work it has you … Continue reading Sleeping With Strangers In Saint Malo

La Gourmandise Of Paris

The more I travel the more a pattern emerges from all the adventures I have been lucky enough to enjoy. From gorging on chocolate cake in Devon to pub lunches in Amesbury or ice cream in Beaumaris, I am never too far away from a good feed or a large amount of sweet goodness. Paris … Continue reading La Gourmandise Of Paris

Sark Life

Recently I have found myself somewhat stranded on an island. Not quite a deserted one but if the Barclay brothers (co-owners of the Daily Telegraph) have their way then it could well be one some day. Before you get all excited about island life, I’m going to burst your bubble by saying that I’m on … Continue reading Sark Life

My Kind Of Village

I never thought that visiting my Grandfather would actually end up being an enormous hoot. I expected early morning walks and endless amounts of tea and tales of way back when he was my age, I didn’t expect to find a little slice of gin heaven. It comes in the form of a pub and … Continue reading My Kind Of Village

The Cure For Everything

Barely a stones throw away from Bangor, Beaumaris is a very sweet little fishing village that packs in an amazing view. I have often been tempted to trek across the Menai Strait marsh to go for an ice cream. Yes, I could swim there if the waters were warmer, it’s that close. Unfortunately I’m not … Continue reading The Cure For Everything

LlanfairPG (For Short)

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. It may look like I have just slammed my head down on the keyboard but I haven’t, I promise, although I came close to it. Trying to spell it alone was painful enough I couldn’t even begin to imagine saying it. I have developed a theory that pronouncing this ridiculous word is only possible … Continue reading LlanfairPG (For Short)

The Countryside Version Of London

Bristol may not be the number one destination for most people but seeing as I know enough people there I thought I should pay a visit to the place people call “Little London”. Bristol is most famous for the infamous graffiti artist who has been stencilling his way around the globe and in to the hearts … Continue reading The Countryside Version Of London